Review: LightMyFire Swedish FireSteel 2.0

It has been somewhat hectic around the house lately with it being the holiday season, finals in school, and just a lot of stuff going on. Money being tight due to holiday shopping hasn’t made it any easier either. But just like i said in my last post, don’t let that slow you down. I’ve been able to work out a couple of good deals here and there, one of which got my hands on a new fire-starter.

LightMyFire Swedish FireSteel 2.0

On the front of the box it advertises  that it will be good for about 3000 strikes, with sparks being up to 5400 degrees Fahrenheit. Supposedly designed for the Swedish Defense Department, this little toy works wonderfully. It is pretty common sense on how to use one, but otherwise there is pretty good directions on the back of the box. It notes that you can also use a knife on it, which i tried for fun and it worked even better. I would guess this is due to either the increased length of the blade to make longer contact with the starter, or due to being able to get a better grip on a knife for full even, solid strikes. IT cant e seen in the picture, but there is a safety whistle built into the striker, so you can cross that off your list of extra things to carry.

All in all, I would highly recommend having one of these. They can be had for pretty cheap, I’ve seen them for anywhere from $10-$20, with this particular one costing $12.99 according to the sticker on the box. They are small and useful and will last much longer then any other fire starting method I can think of.




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